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The geographical origin of food

Where does wheat come from?
Around 8000 years Before the Common Era (BCE), wheat was grown in Mesopotamia. Nowadays, it is grown everywhere in the world.

Durum wheat is used to make semolina, pasta and bulgur. Common wheat is used to make bread.

Where does rice come from?
The first rice crops date back to around 5000 BCE in China

Asian rice comes from the Far East and West African rice originates from West Africa. Cultivation then spread to other Asian countries and then to the Middle East and Europe.

Where does corn come from?
The Mayas first grew corn in 7000 BCE in southern Mexico. The word ‘maya’ means corn (maize).

Where does pasta come from?
In Sicily, pasta has been made in the traditional way since the 12th century. Noodles existed in China in the 13th century. The first industrial pasta was manufactured in Naples in the 15th century.

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