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Food sources

The food we eat can come from various sources.

Which food comes from plants?

Fruit and vegetables are of plant originNuts are also considered as a kind of fruit, known as oleaginous fruit.

Pulses come from leguminous plants, and include peas, dried beans, lentils and chickpeas. Cereal products, such as wheat, rice and corn, are also of plant origin, as is some processed food, such as bread and pasta

Which food is of animal origin?

White meat such as poultry and red meat such as beef, as well as all fish and seafood are of animal origin.

All food produced by animals is also classed as of animal origin, for example hen’s eggs and cow’s milk, as well as processed food, such as cheese and yoghurt obtained from milk.

Does food come from other sources?

Salt, for example, is of mineral origin and yeast is of fungal origin.

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