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The food groups

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The food groups

What are nutrients?
Food is made up of nutritional elements called nutrients. All the food in the same food group has a main nutrient in common and serves the same nutritional need.

The 7 food groups

The drinks group
Water, coffee, tea and herbal tea belong to the drinks group.

The sugary products group
Sugar, jam, chocolate and cakes, as well as sweet or alcoholic drinks all belong to this group.

The dairy products group
Milk, yoghurt and cheese belong to the dairy products group.

The fruit and vegetables group
Fruit, fruit juices and vegetables belong to this group.

The fats group
This group comprises oils and butter, as well as cream and oleaginous food, meaning food that is rich in oil, such as avocados and nuts.

The cereals group
Cereal products and pulses belong to this group. Potatoes are also included.

The meat group
Meat, fish and eggs belong to this group.

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