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Seasonal produce

What is seasonal food?
Some food is harvested in specific regions at specific times of the year. Seasons help us vary our diet and seasonal produce generally has more flavour.

Which food is associated with winter?
Hardly any fruit grows in western Europe in winter, but mandarines and oranges are harvested in southern Europe. Apples and kiwi fruit can be stored in cellars throughout the winter. Some vegetables, such as leeks, chicory and lamb’s lettuce are harvested in winter.

Which food is associated with spring?
Asparagus, radishes and strawberries grow in spring.


Which food is associated with summer?
Summer is the season for lots of fruit and vegetables, such as raspberries, cherries, apricots and courgettes, as well as tomatoes, watermelons and melons.

Which food is associated with autumn?
Beetroot, Jerusalem artichokes and pumpkins are autumn vegetables. Grapes, pears and plums are also picked at this time of year.

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