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The digestive system

The digestive system

Who has never wondered what it would be like to travel through the digestive tract and discover the secrets of how it works? See it now from an apple’s point of view! On a journey lasting more than a day, the digestive organs will hustle and bustle you, to transform you into nutrients to support all the body’s functions. At the end of the trip, the body expels everything it has not used. Burps and farts may make you laugh along the way but, not to worry, everything is as it should be!

The organs in the digestive tract

What does the digestive system consist of?

The stages of digestion

Bile, pancreatic juice, lipase... Find out all about the stages of digestion!

Historical representations of digestion

Discover how our knowledge of digestion evolved!

Digestive phenomena

Everything you always wanted to know about diarrhoea, rumbling stomachs, farts and burps!